T38 Talon sticker placement

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The Northrop T-38 Talon is the worlds first supersonic, and most produced, jet trainer. Over the past 50 years NASA has maintained a fleet of 32 Talons for pilot proficiency and transport, as well as chase planes for various programs. Through the years the livery has changed from basic white to the "worm" tail markings of the early Space Shuttle era, up to the more recent and elegant "swoosh" tail. F√ľndekals has endeavored to bring you a decal sheet that contains every flavor of NASA T-38A, plus a few more! Also included on this sheet are SR-71 chase planes and Jackie Cochran's record setter!

NASA T-38 Talon decal sheet
1/48 Decal Sheet



T38 Talon T38 Talon T38 Talon