F-47D sticker placement

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Wright Field F-47D-40


Wright-Patteson AFB, Ohio


Unsuspecting private pilots wandering around southwest Ohio in the late 1940s might have met up with a Thunderbolt! This F-47D-40 was used to warn off planes that strayed into Wright Field airspace (especially if your radio had failed!). These decals were printed especially for the kick-off of f√ľndekals at the IPMS USA Region IV convention held at Wright-Patterson AFB on 13-14 April 2012. But now we're now making them available to the general public!

(Suggested kits: the Revell 1/72 P-47D-30 and the Tamiya 1/48 P-47D "Bubbletop")

F-47D decal sheet
1/48 Decal Sheet
(1/72 also available)





Lance Wade Spitfire sticker placement

F-47D sticker placement

F-47D sticker placement